Spiritual Directors

“Ignatian spiritual direction can be understood as aiming to help people recognise and respond to the call of God in their lives. It offers, in the examen, a method of prayer suited to this; in its teaching on discernment, a series of techniques that enable one to proceed more surely; and in its understanding of the ‘Weeks’ which underpin the Spiritual Exercises, a framework and process within which those accompanied are invited to recognise their own journey …” Paul Nicolson S.J.

Many New Zealand Ignatian formed Spiritual Directors are affiliated with; Friends of Ignatius Aotearoa NZ and The Association of Christian Spiritual Directors in NZ

Ignatian Spiritual Directors in NZ

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Display Name  Email Location Spiritual Exercises Spiritual Direction Supervision
Sue Whittaker sjw_at_home@hotmail.com Otago yes yes
seph pijfers spijfers@gmail.com Nelson yes yes
Nicola McCarthy n.mccarthy@xtra.co.nz Manawatu-Whanganui yes
nick mountfort nick.mountfort@gmail.com Canterbury yes
Neil Vaney neilvaney45@gmail.com Wellington yes yes
Murray Adams m.c.adamsfam@xtra.co.nz Manawatu-Whanganui yes yes
Mary Catherwood mcatherwood@xtra.co.nz Canterbury yes yes
Margaret Harris gmharris.chch@gmail.com Canterbury yes yes yes
Lyn Gallagher lyngallagher@gmail.com Canterbury yes yes
Lucienne Hensel lucienne.hensel@gmail.com Wellington yes
Displaying 1–10 of 28 1 2 3